Why should we using traditional herbs?

Traditional medicine mixed from materials provided by nature, be more natural.
Most of the materials absorbed by the body as a nutrient to help the immune system.
Does not contain harsh chemicals, no side effects.
Can be obtained cheaply and even for free, economical.


Herbal Cure : Fever Due to Insect Bites

(Traditional Medicine Recipes)
Fever Due to Insect Bites
Insects can also cause fever if the bite or sting. Animals are very dangerous insect is a bee sting humans. This bee stings cause a fever sufferers.

- Sense of hot and cold, pain, aching, sore, watery eyes.
- Sometimes the cause of seizures.
- Board so weak, trembling.
- Hard to sleep.
If bitten by an animal or insect stung by a bee, then you can use this recipe.

Recipes I
a. Materials.
- Leaves sambiroto (Androgrphis paniculata, Nees) = 1 holds.

Sambiroto leaves finely ground, pressed, filtered, given water 1 cup.

How to use:

Drink as well, with this recipe, God willing, become feeble insect bites.

Recipes II
b. Materials.
- Green coconut (Cocos nucifera Linn) = 1 fruit.

How to use:
Drinking is a green coconut water was as much as possible.
- Do not eat spicy food.
- Do not hit the wind.
- Bathe with warm water.

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