Why should we using traditional herbs?

Traditional medicine mixed from materials provided by nature, be more natural.
Most of the materials absorbed by the body as a nutrient to help the immune system.
Does not contain harsh chemicals, no side effects.
Can be obtained cheaply and even for free, economical.


Recipes JAMU: Slimming Body

(Traditional Medicine Recipes)

The woman who was plump, especially teenage girls are always trying to streamline the body. Because of using fear a slimming drug side effects, whether there is a traditional herb that can be used?
There are several herbs for slimming and healthy female body. Materials and how to make it as follows:
Two fingers meet sleigh, two fingers of turmeric, two kencur fingers, one finger of ginger, cloves ten grains of dried flowers, a teaspoon of fennel, two cinnamon sticks, lemon, honey and palm sugar to taste.

How to make:
Peel all the ingredients and wash thoroughly. Ginger, Intersection dribbles, turmeric, and kencur ground, but not too smooth. All the ingredients are mixed into one and add two cups of water, then boiled until the water remaining in one glass and strained. Water filter results combined with lime juice, honey and palm sugar to taste.

How to use:
This potion taken once a day a quarter of a glass, in the afternoon.

Source: Potion 273 Aneka Traditional to Overcome Disease

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