Why should we using traditional herbs?

Traditional medicine mixed from materials provided by nature, be more natural.
Most of the materials absorbed by the body as a nutrient to help the immune system.
Does not contain harsh chemicals, no side effects.
Can be obtained cheaply and even for free, economical.


Herb to treat hypertension

(Traditional Medicine Recipes)
Ingredients :
1 fruit of noni .... medium size and is quite old.
How to make and use :
Material is washed, sliced or grated, then squeezed the water. Juice drink as well, two to three times a day.


Cure Impotence

ginger have properties to cure impotence.
the Recipe :


Treat Kidney Inflammation with Cucumber

In addition to kidney stones, other disorders of the kidneys is kidney inflammation. Some causes inflammation of the kidneys, among others, namely: Eating food that is too dry / hard, alcoholic beverages, eating too much salty food, poisoning, and the work was too heavy. The pain is similar to that caused kidney stones.

  1. Urination is not smooth (sometimes bloody)
  2. Headache, fatigue
  3. Abdominal bloating, lack of appetite