Why should we using traditional herbs?

Traditional medicine mixed from materials provided by nature, be more natural.
Most of the materials absorbed by the body as a nutrient to help the immune system.
Does not contain harsh chemicals, no side effects.
Can be obtained cheaply and even for free, economical.


JAMU Recipe: Mangosteen Skin for Treating tonsils

(Traditional Medicine Recipes)

Tonsil is a illness of the esophagus, which is mostly found in children. Swollen tonsils that can be dangerous if not treated quickly, because it can cover the course of breathing.

  • Pain in swallowing food,
  • Breathing is less fluent.
  • Body limp, lazy and a lot of sleepy.
  • Body so hot.
Medical healing done by surgery, ie discard meat that increases in the esophagus of the patient.
Traditionally, the tonsils can be treated with the following recipes:

  1. Skin dry mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L) = 15 gr
  2. Lozenge = 2 tablespoons oil.

How to make:
Mangosteen skin boiled with two bottles of water to boiling, until there remained a bottle of water.
Then the oil drops of candy into it and stirred.
Mengggunakan ways:
Use to gargle three times a day.

Source: Heritage Herb Prima Sport by: DS. Soewito M.

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